Monday, 27 June 2011


Our Castle will be coming down soon so it's your last chance to visit Lord Ransom.....
Noor's Mum                                                                      Tom's Mum
Emma Fermor on the left and Room 11 on the right

Miss T. our Teacher trainee and Stephen's Mum

 Mr Campbell acting as the Lord

Middle Ages Assessment and Reflection

While we have been studying the Middle Ages we have gathered data on our question. We presented our information to the class and had to answer the deep questions to show our knowldege. These photos show us reflecting on our research to see if we have met the criteria:
* did we answer our question?
* was the whole group involved in the research?
*did we meet the time frame?
*did our presentation have the wow factor!
* did we have fun?

 What do you think?

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sports with Rosmini

Every Tuesday we go down to Rosmini at 9.00 to meet with our sports guides from Rosmini. They are using our sport programme and create activities that use the skills we learn in our own PE lesson at St Joes.
We love meeting up with them and have a lot of fun as we are grouped right across the 4 classes from Room 1 to 4. At the end the Rosmin boys give us feedback on how we went-then it is our turn to tell them what they can do better!

Monday, 6 June 2011

More photos to enjoy...

So who is left to visit it you? We look forward to seeing you soon.

So who has been visiting room 1 lately

Wow it has been so busy as our visitors to Lord Ransom's castle have kept on coming in. We have got a little behind entering these as we have been studying Middle Ages life and the research has taken up most of our school time. We are now in the closing stages of recording our gathered data to answer our question and by Friday our displays of our knowledge will be shared.
The hardest part has been including a Bibliography of our sources-as at first we collected data and then forgot where it had come from.
Using the descriptor on the computer sites has certainly helped us to only open the sites that relate to our topic.
Next week we will be starting the science part of the Middle Ages by looking at the simple machines they used to lift those huge blocks for the Cathedrals-pulleys, levers and wedges.
 Mrs Knottenbelt and Doel
Pavly's Mum and brother
Reimar's Dad

Our dance is coming along really well for the School Production "Move it!" Have you got your tickets yet.....?
Mrs Fraser