Thursday, 26 May 2011

Parents in the Castle

We have had even more parents coming to have their picture taken inside Lord Ransom's Castle. Amazingly the idea has ballooned and many visitors dropped in this week- even more than last week! Although there is a dungeon we haven't had to use it YET!!!!
As our research continues we are searching relevant information that will answer our questions. How does a castle defend itself from different kinds of attack..?....why were punishments so hard...?....what was the cause and consequence of disease in the Middle Ages ? and many other questions.
When you have a few minutes to spare come and see us in action.
                                                       Nathan's grandma
                                                  Pyper's mum
We have still been taking up the challenge for every parent to come in to room 1's castle. So far we have had about 20 parents in castle.We still need 12 more parents to get a full house !!!.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Who's been in the castle

We put out a challenge to all our families and followers to come and have a photo in Lord Ransom's castle.So far we have had 5 parents already do this, so who will be the next visitors?
By Pavly Isaac, Tayla and Luke
Luke's Dad
                                                                                       Liam's Dad
Harrison's Mum

Sunday, 22 May 2011

finished castle pictures

We have finished our castle and it looks amazing, we are very proud of ourselves. We have a walkin draw bridge and a dungeon. We have some pictures of our master piece. When we assessed the skills we learnt we linked it to Bloom's Taxonomy- we used foundation skills in remembering  about castles, we understood the perspectives we needed we then applied the knowledge to build the walls. As we worked we used the H.O.T. skills-analysing the type of drawbridge to build, we did lots of debating and arguing of the best ideas, evaluated the finished design and made recommendations,then we created it.
Luke Sluyter,Harrison Gregory, Leah Slykerman.
no-one's getting past us!

                                                These two are inside the castle
Room 1.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Castle Building

This week we have been learning about Medieval times. We decided to put our passion to the test. We decided we were going to build our own castle. It took us only one day. During the stressful process there were dark clouds starting to form in the sky. Even worse, we were painting outside! But we didn't give up. we pushed it to the limit and as a result we all got drizzled on!! Our next post will have the finished castle!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Science week

During Science week we cross grouped across the 4 classes in our Syndicate to carry out different science tasks.
We made hot air balloons that when fired up in the playground either caught in the trees or flew right over to Rosmini. We also made  rockets with ballons and straws. In room 4 we experimented with balloons.
 In our own class we worked on Chemistry tasks that involved decanting, filtering and evaporating to separate 3 mixtures. It was so exciting watching the sugar crystals boiling up on the sides of the beaker.
Lighting the bunsen burner was scarey but great and we trialled how to put these out safely before we started.
It was alot of fun.