Thursday, 11 August 2011

The School Speech Competition

We held our school speech competition today in the hall. There was an unusual silence as we listened to 12 children present their speeches from 4 Senior classrooms. The topics ranged from Slang, Convincing your Parents to buy you things, Disabilities, Why School should start at 8am and Football.
We were so excitied when Bernadette from our class came 1st and Leah came 3rd. Well done to you both

Monday, 25 July 2011

So who was last in the castle?

Yes- the castle has gone and Anne with her companions were the lucky last in the castle. She had been following our news and was keen to see how we had made it. As she was coming to Auckland from Christchurch she decided to call in and was lucky as she made it just in time.
Anne spent time with a group of us and Mrs Bon in term 1 teaching us how to create and develop a Blog site. We are very grateful to her as now it is almost a daily part of our lives. Enjoy what we record as it will keep you up to date with what we are doing.
Thank you Anne.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

School Show Room 1 in Oceania

The School show was such a success and we are really pleased with our dance Oceania.
We enjoyed creating our own ideas around a sea theme. We hand made our own tassles by painting on fabric. We had many parent helpers to paint our faces.

 Here we are being painted by Miss Taufalele and Talei and Mrs DSouza.

We were the only class that decided not to smile so we would look angry at being tossed around like seaweed by the Sea Goddess- Olivia Lucas.
We thought the show was so good we couldn't find any improvements needed......What did you think of us?

Creating and Performing with Puppets

Making puppets looks easy but it isn't as you have to not only make your papier mache head you then also need to paint and design the features so that they can be seen by an audience.
Next you then have to sew the costumes-yes actually sew it on a machine. As you can see the boys "loved "
Next we had to write plays. We read lots first to get the ideas for interesting plays.
After we had made scenery we performed these for other classes, that was great fun. This week we are performing for the Juniors. We can't wait!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The tornado


The tornado crashed through the town.
Frightning the towns people.
As it laughed all the way through the town,
to see the path of destruction

By Liam Mackinnon
The Castle

The castle cried out loud,
as its cheeks were being cracked,
by battering rams.
The castle angrily spat out arrows back at them.
As the enemies slowly faded away.

By Liam D'Souza

poetry in room1

The Flame

The flame grew restless,
as the cup trapped it ,
with his see through claws.
The flame couldn't breathe,
gasping for air,
but slowly ,it passed out.

ByLiam D'Souza